Kai Watches “Gamera Daikaijû Kuchu Kessen” (Gamera: Giant Monster Midair Battle) aka “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe”

I’ll start by saying I have never heard of Gamera until a few of the “Gamera vs.” movies were lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Who could forget the lyrics “Gamera is really neat!/Gamera is full of meat!/We’ve been… Read More

Kai Watches “Gojira” (aka “The Return of Godzilla” or “Godzilla 1985”)

One summer night in 1977, I was watching TV when NBC started showing “Godzilla vs. Megalon.”  They had a guy in a suit doing the bumpers as the movie went to and came back from commercials.  Later, I… Read More