Kai Konsumes Smuggler’s Chicken and Zucchini Chips

A few years ago I found out that I was a Type-2 Diabetic. Normally, this can be managed through diet and exercise. I tried changing my eating habits and going to the gym, but since I’m lazy and… Read More

So you wanna host a game night?

Game nights are a fun way to entertain friends (and maybe relatives). I’m not talking Monopoly, Scrabble or other board games of that ilk. I’m talking games that won’t cause relationships to fall apart. Well maybe they will,… Read More

And so it begins…

Hello, dear reader. Welcome to this new thing called a “blog.” I hear that they are all the rage. My name is Jody (aka Kai) and I am a middle-aged geek. I set this up because I needed… Read More